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Un monastère Orthodoxe Serbe ouvre ses portes dans le Tennessee aux Etats-Unis


We faithful Orthodox Christians in Tennessee are pleased to announce the formation of a New Serbian Orthodox Monastery!

It will be called: “Mother of God, Joy of All Who Sorrow”

Hieromonk Serafim (Baltic), the Abbot of New Gracanica Monastery, has been hard at work  organizing this Monastic Brotherhood with an anonymous donor and volunteer Monastery workers in Tennessee for the last several months.

They have come together and  chosen a beautiful historic property of 15 acres on a scenic mountain in Monteagle, Tennessee. This beautiful property was once owned by famous American The Highlander Folk School which entertained visits from notables in American history such as Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr.

A group of Orthodox Christians from the South are coming together in this beautiful state of Mountains and rollings hills to enthusiastically  support this budding Monastic Brotherhood. The first Monk chosen by Bishop Longin to come to Tennesse will be Hieromonk Mark (Kerr).

A local Serbian – American woman from the Nashville area, Ariane Trifunovic Montemuro points out that, “Several of us have been praying for a Serbian Orthodox Monastery for years and I personally  am happy and honored to volunteer and work for this Monastery to grow. I want to  to honor God, Bogarodica and finally  my Serbian born parents Aleksandar and Danica  who were proud to be Orthodox (Pravoslav) and never forgot their Slava!”

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