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Pour le Patriarche Cyrille seul un discours religieux peut vaincre le terrorisme


ROME - According to the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, only religion can stop terrorism, while his right-hand man has declared that unity with the Catholic Church is essentially impossible because of historical “contradictions” between Rome and Moscow, including over the Holy Spirit’s role in the Trinity.

“I do not see any other grounds for argument capable of disarming the ideological basis of radicalism and terrorism, other than a religious one,” Kirill said.

He also called on believers to turn the tables on those who use religious teachings to incite violence.

“If radicals appeal to religious truths and use religious ideas for motivating extremist actions, then only religion itself can overturn all of this,” he insisted. “Only religious organizations can address their faithful to help them understand the falsehood of the very preaching carried out by extremists, to become aware of the danger it presents to both people’s spiritual state and their physical existence.”

According to the remarks made available in English by the Russian Orthodox Church, Kirill also said that extremists “are often inspired by false interpretations of religious doctrines or justify their radicalism by the need to satisfy the God.”

Kirill’s words came during an interview with a local TV station during the second day of his April 28-30 visit to Albania, a country of 2.9 million people known for its religious tolerance. Orthodox Christians make up seven percent of the population, behind the 10 percent who are Catholic and the majority Muslims who account for 56 percent, according to a 2011 census.

Asked about the interference of religion in politics, Kirill said the two are not “two sides of the same coins,” because politicians and religious leaders move in different spheres.

However, he said, “it’s my deep conviction that the church has the right to make a moral evaluation of a particular policy, particular political leaders precisely with the aim to safeguard people including their own faithful against the political actions which can inflict a spiritual or material damage on them.”

On the same day, April 29, Metropolitan Hilarion gave an interview to Russia 24 TV, saying that unity with the Catholic Church is practically impossible because, even though “the foundations of our faith are the same, and the symbol of faith is almost identical, Catholics have another conception of the procession of the Holy Spirit.”

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