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Message de Pâques du Métropolite Onuphre (Berezovsky) de Kiev 'Église orthodoxe d'Ukraine (Moscou)


Christ is Risen!

With these sacred words I congratulate you all, archpastors and pastors, pious monks and nuns, dear brothers and sisters, with our greatest Christian feast of the glorious Resurrection of our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ.

Having completed the labor of our salvation on Earth, the Savior of the world, our Lord Jesus Christ, as True Man, descended into Hell in His soul through His voluntary death on the Cross, to grant the joy of salvation to those who had already completed their earthly journey and were languishing in the cold darkness of Hell, painfully awaiting that blessed day when salvation would come to the world; and that great day has come.

Christ descended into the netherworld as Man, but with Him descended the glory of His Divinity, which is forever united with human nature in Christ. Hell could not withstand the power of Diving glory, and there occurred what mankind had awaited patiently for centuries: Christ slew Hell “with the splendor of His Godhead (Sunday Tone 2 Troparion). All those who died throughout the ages, who lived on Earth by faith in the coming Christ, were delivered from Hell. They all became inhabitants of Heaven. They again began to live, as once did Adam, in blessedness and with humble gratitude to enjoy communion with God and to walk before His face. And the doors of Paradise opened for those living on Earth, and rays of hope warmed their frozen hearts.

The Holy Myrrh-Bearers, who went to the life-giving tomb, to anoint the most-pure Body of their Master and Lord Jesus with spices, saw an angel in white raiment. The Myrrh-Bearers were worried, seeing the empty tomb, but the angel calmed them and said, Ye seek Jesus of Nazareth, Which was crucified: He is risen; He is not here … go your way, tell His disciples (Mk. 16:6-7).

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