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Métropolite Amfilohije Radović : l'attaque sur la Syrie est une folie et une honte pour l'OTAN


In a new interview with RIA-Novosti, His Eminence Metropoitan Amfilohije of Montenegro of the Serbian Orthodox Church addressed the issue of the current situation in Syria, calling the attack launched by the U.S., U.K., and France a shame for the NATO nations.

In addition to his pastoral ministry, the metropolitan is also known for his civic and political positions, often speaking out forcefully against NATO and the EU. Most recently, he called upon his flock to vote for an anti-NATO candidate in Sunday’s presidential election. However, in the end, the pro-EU and pro-NATO Milo Đukanović won with 53.9% of the vote.

“NATO kills children and women in Syria, as it earlier killed them in Yugoslavia. NATO sows destruction and terrorism,” the prelate said on Sunday.

“Today we hear that NATO is bombing Syria. This is madness and a shame for the European peoples and America. On what basis are they building the future of this world, continuing these fratricidal wars?... I can't help but say it’s insanity. It is impossible to build a real future for Montenegro, Europe, Russia, Syria, Asia and America upon this,” His Eminence responded when asked why he encouraged his flock to support an anti-NATO candidate.

He also stated that “NATO is a militaristic organization that takes revenge on the opponents of the European nations and of America,” referring to the organization’s aggression against Yugoslavia, and later Serbia and Montenegro that left thousands of people injured and important infrastructure destroyed.

“Many people have died, especially in Kosovo and Metohija,” he added.

The Montenegrin hierarch also turned his attention to the current strife in Ukraine: “I am sure that they have prepared what is occurring today in Ukraine. They support civil war, where brother kills brother. They support hatred between the Orthodox people of Ukraine and the Russian people.”

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