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Lettre à Merkel et Macron, les leaders religieux albanais veulent rejoindre l'Europe

The statement states:

“At this moment of great historical significance, we wish to underscore once again what we recently stated in our joint declaration of 21 April 2018: we Albanians are part of Europe.

We are part of a history that stretches back to the origins of Europe. It is a history which goes back thousands of years. Our common cultural and social roots bind us together. We believe that our path towards the EU represents what has always been the desire of our people, with the values of a free society where everyone is able to exercise their rights, among which the right of freedom of religion and belief is fundamental. We are grateful that the history of the Albanian people has revealed a consistent living-out of the value of respect for religious difference, living together harmoniously as one family.”

The letter goes on: “Our path toward the EU is especially critical for our youth. Albanian young people are among the most Euro-enthusiastic anywhere, and yet they are also among the most frustrated, as they live in close proximity to their European peers and yet are excluded from their peers’ opportunities. Your support to Albania’s accession process is particularly important at this critical time, when the values of tolerance, solidarity and human rights are under great pressure because of radicalism, fanaticism, and other sinister ideologies. We together call upon you to recognize the earnest desire of all Albanians, and to support our irreversible commitment to Albania as part of Europe. We reaffirm our commitment to remain steadfast supporters of European values for society with freedom, justice and prosperity for all.”

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