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Les Schismatiques Ukrainiens s'unissent autour de Porochenko et réclament l'autocéphalie


President Petro Poroshenko is again actively championing the cause of an autocephalous Ukrainian Orthodox Church, beseeching His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople to bless its creation, report The Union of Orthodox Journalists.

Poroshenko believes that Ukraine is closer than ever to getting a canonical autocephalous Church. Ukrainian presidents, including Poroshenko, politicians, and schismatic clergymen have repeatedly looked to Constantinople to legitimize their unrecognized bodies.

The head of state has drafted an official plea to the Ecumenical Patriarchate, with the united support of Ukraine’s two competing schismatic bodies, the “Kiev Patriarchate” and the “Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church.” He also asked the Ukrainian parliament to support the petition, although the Ukrainian constitution calls for a separation of Church and state.

The Verkhovna Rada voted today to support the president’s appeal.

“Ukraine, as an independent state not only has the right, but is simply obliged to create this Church. As President, I made a decision to appeal to the Ecumenical Patriarch with a request to provide a tomos to the local Ukrainian Autocephalous Church, and I would ask you, my colleagues, to support this appeal, and to do so as soon as possible,” Poroshenko said a Tuesday meeting with parliament faction heads before the vote.

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