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Les Night wolves, ces motards proches de Poutine qui roulent pour l'unité Orthodoxe

A cultural-historical tour designed to bring Russians and citizens of the Balkan regions together began in Serbia yesterday. The “Night Wolves” Russian Orthodox biker club is participating in the “Russian Balkans” tour, which includes visits to a number of Orthodox churches and monasteries, reports RIA-Novosti.

The tour is open to all and will travel more than 1,200 miles throughout Serbia and Republika Srpska-Bosnia and Herzegovina until March 28. The bikers and the other participants will pass through dozens of settlements and visit Orthodox churches and monasteries, as well as objects of military glory associated with the history of the Serbian and Russian peoples.

The Night Wolves is Russia’s largest biker club, headed by Alexander Zaldostanov. The club began in 1989 as a resistance to Communism, and when the Soviet Union fell in 1991, the Night Wolves started engaging in social activism to serve its community, especially young people, and became Christian along the way. Despite their focus on community activism, education, and faith, Zaldostanov is often demonized by Western media for having friendly relations with President Putin.

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