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le Phanar veut intensifier ses relations œcuméniques avec l'islam et le judaïsme

Article en anglais

Phanar wishes to peg the temple, rebuilt after the terrorist attacks in New York, as "a beacon of hope and a symbol of interfaith communion and coexistence."

The Church of Constantinople has opened an official dialogue with Judaism and Islam. Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople said this at a dinner with representatives of various religious movements, held on November 1, 2021 in New York, USA.

In his speech, the text of which was published by the ΦΩΣ ΦΑΝΑΡΙΟΥ resource, the head of Phanar emphasized the importance of interfaith dialogue in the modern world, calling New York “the image of the whole planet”, the diversity of cultures and religions of which provides ample opportunities "to unite in order to build a world through dialogue”.

Noting that “the Ecumenical Patriarchate, true to its mission, has always been a pioneer in the study of inter-Christian and inter-confessional dialogue,” Patriarch Bartholomew said that “the Church of Constantinople, simultaneously with its leading participation in the ecumenical movement, also started an official dialogue with other religious traditions, particularly with two monotheistic religions, Judaism and Islam."

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