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Le "Patriarche" Philaret Denisenko, justifie la guerre dans le Donbass


According to the self-proclaimed “patriarch” of the so-called “Kiev Patriarchate,” Philaret Denisenko, God allowed the current military conflict to break out in eastern Ukraine so that his schismatic organization may grow.

In a recent interview with “Direct Channel,” he stated that he sees his mission as expanding the structure of the “Kiev Patriarchate” at the expense of the canonical Ukrainian Church under the Moscow Patriarchate, explaining that he sees God’s intervention in this mission by allowing the war in Donbass: “People see who defends the Ukrainian state and Ukrainian land—the Kiev Patriarchate, or the Moscow Patriarchate? The Kiev Patriarchate is defending, because the Moscow Patriarchate defends the aggressor.”

Denisenko made an even more forceful statement in November 2016, when he declared that the war in Donbass was God’s punishment upon the people for their referendum on independence.

“We should not think that the population of Donbass is innocent in these sufferings. It is guilty! And it must expiate its guilt by torment and blood,” Denisenko argued.

“Did you vote for federalization in the referendum? Yes, you did. Did you sin? You did! So here is the consequence of your sin. If you had not sinned, if you had not voted, then you would have not suffered so much,” Philaret, more a politician than a spiritual leader, insisted.

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