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Le Patriarche Bartholomée à Auschwitz pour la "marche des vivants"

The Greek delegation was led this year by the Speaker of the Hellenic Parliament, Nikos Voutsis, who officially invited the Patriarch. He was accompanied by David Saltiel, the President of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Greece, and by some members of parliament. The march took place over nearly two miles, from the railway depot where the victims of the Nazi death camp arrived. This year’s “March of the Living” is dedicated to the memory of Greek citizens, the majority of whom were Jews, who died in Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Mr Voutsis inaugurated the exhibit on Greek victims, which will now be permanent. On the morning of May 3, the Ecumenical Patriarch left for Warsaw, where he met with Metropolitan Sawa, the Primate of the Polish Orthodox Church.

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