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La Principauté de Monaco accueille une communauté Russe Orthodoxe du Diocèse de Korsun


A new community of the Russian Orthodox Church has been created in the Principality of Monaco, as initiated by the faithful living there, reports the Diocese of Korsun of the Russian Orthodox Church.

The Diocese of Korsun has been very active in forming new parish communities throughout Western Europe in the past several years.

The creation of the newest community was made possible by a meeting of His Grace Bishop Nestor of Korsun and the Catholic Archbishop Bernard Barsi of Monaco at the end of 2017. The meeting was also attended by Archpriest Vadim Zakrevsky, a cleric of the Diocese of Korsun, who was entrusted with the development and pastoring of the Monegasque community of the Russian Church.

The community is currently meeting in a temporary-use church, where they have begun to hold regular services.

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