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La position du clergé catholique en russie par rapport à l'élection de Vladimir Poutine


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They called on him to 'justify voters' confidence' after his landslide victory

Russia’s minority Catholic Church has pledged to help build a civil society after the nation’s March 18 election and called on President Vladimir Putin to “justify voters’ confidence” after his victory.

“Our church always stresses i

ts readiness to work with the Russian Federation’s secular powers on important issues, such as building a civil society and forming healthy life patterns,” said Mgr Igor Kovalevsky, secretary-general of the Russian bishops’ conference. “Although we don’t currently face any special barriers to our service on Russian territory, we suffer the same problems as the rest of society with bureaucracy, corruption and the ambiguous implementation of laws.”

In a March 21 interview with Catholic News Service, Mgr Kovalevsky said Russian Catholics would not “draw political conclusions” from the election, which Putin won with more than three-quarters of votes on a 67 percent turnout. He also said Catholics were not expecting “great revolutionary changes” during Putin’s fourth six-year term.

The head of the Russian bishops’ conference, Bishop Clemens Pickel of St Clement Diocese in Saratov, told Putin in a March 20 congratulatory message that Catholics prayed he would “cope adequately” with coming challenges and “justify the confidence of voters.”

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