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L'Etat Ukrainien persécute ceux qui n'adhèrent pas au projet d'autocéphalie

Zdolbunov regional authorities demand searches in churches of UOC

Chairman of the Zdolbunov Regional State Administration Sergei Kondrachuk appealed to the SBU with a demand to conduct searches in the temples of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

Sergei Kondrachuk also insists on the need for law enforcers to attend Sunday services in order to prevent the collection of signatures against the creation of the SLC. The chairman of the RSA wrote about this on his Facebook page.

The first post of Sergei Kondrachuk, in which he talks about his religious preferences, appeared on May 8. The official wrote directly that he had assisted the religious community in its transfer to the Kiev Patriarchate. Further Mr. Kondrachuk reports that he does not intend to further assist the communities of the UOC, and also intends to ask the deputy corps of the district council to support the idea of creating the Single Local Church in Ukraine.

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