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L'Eglise Orthodoxe Serbe exprime son soutien à L'Eglise canonique d'Ukraine

In the final document of the past Council of Bishops, the hierarchs of the Serbian Orthodox Church expressed their attitude to the situation around the UOC in Ukraine.

Bishops expressed support and solidarity to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, reports the official website of the SOC.

"The Council notes with satisfaction that the relations between the Serbian Orthodox Church and the sister Orthodox churches are impeccable, in a spirit of unity and love, with the sad exception of the behaviour of the Romanian Orthodox Church, with which we all were one for God until recently, and the senseless initiatives of the Bulgarian Patriarchate with his uninvited and uncanonical interference with the resolution on the status of the schismatics, "the Macedonian Orthodox Church," reads the decision of the Council. "In this regard, we express our full solidarity in compassionate brotherly love to the sister Church-martyr in Ukraine, which is subjected to the brutal persecution by the current regime in Kiev."

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