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Des néo nazis du groupe "C14" en Ukraine menacent des moines (UOC) dans leur monastère (vidéo)


Radicals posted the video of the "visit" to the monastery on the Facebook page of their organization.

On the afternoon of May 4, right-wing radicals from "S14" led by Yevgeny Karas got into the Holy Protection Goloseevo Monastery of the UOC and began insulting monks, reports the UOC Information Centre.

On the video, a group of about 20 nationalists abuse verbally the monks and demands that they "give away" the whereabouts of the Brazilian Rafael Lusvarghi, who, according to them, was a member of the terrorist group LNR and lived in a monastery. After they were informed that the person they were looking for was not in the monastery, the radicals began to loudly insult the monks of the monastery.

"What shall I call you, son of bitch?" What's your name, crum? Because when the power changes, I will come to you," Karas offended the monks of the monastery.

Commenting on the visit to the Goloseevo Monastery, Karas says that "there will be no more fights here, but I need to at least harass and bully them", after which he started meeting his "needs", calling in the camera the Ukrainian Orthodox Church a "brothel".

At the end of the "visit", the radicals warned the monks that in the future they would be under their close supervision and, in case "they disobey", the nationalists will visit them again.Lire la suite sur :

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