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Affaire Amvrosios of Kalavryta : monstre ou résistant ?


Article en anglais

In Greece, however, things seem to be moving in the other direction. To the intense dismay of secular human-rights campaigners and gay-rights activists, a famously sharp-tongued bishop has just been acquitted on charges of stirring up hatred and prejudice. The charges were prompted by an internet posting in 2015, when Greece’s parliament was in the process of giving legal status to same-sex unions. Among other things, Metropolitan Amvrosios of Kalavryta wrote:

Do not go near them! Do not listen to them! Do not trust them! They are the damned members of society! It is impermissible for some disgraced members of society to defend publicly the passions that touch their souls…Spit on those disgraced people, renounce them! They are monstrosities of nature! They are psychically and spiritually unwell! They are people with a mental disturbance…They are three times worse, and more dangerous, than those who live in mental asylums.     

In a tense hearing lasting nearly nine hours in the small town of Aigion, leading Greek human-rights campaigners and academics gave evidence for the prosecution. Nikos Alivizatos, a constitutional-law professor, said the bishop’s vocabulary was “the language of Hitler...[the language] we encounter in a regime of ayatollahs...” He said the bishop had brought embarrassment to Greece with his extreme positions, for example by saying that non-religious marriage was the moral equivalent of prostitution. 

The prosecution was brought at the behest of eight leading gay-rights activists, who testified that the bishop’s attack had compounded their feelings of insecurity and social exclusion.

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